West Dover (Mount Snow), VT

maple sugar scrub pedicure

Vermont is known for its natural Maple Syrup. This luxurious treatment begins with the "Classic Pedicure" and incorporates a foot scrub with warm maple syrup and sugar in the raw. 

Spa manicure

A "Classic Manicure" with a luxurious addition! A Hot Paraffin Dip followed with an intense massage and polish of your choice.


Hand Treatments


Done once a week, a manicure will stimulate nail growth and soften dry, dull skin. Includes hot soak, emphasis on cuticles, completed with massage and polish of your choice

UV Gel Nails

The latest trend in nails. Gel nails create a very durable finish. This process add length and beauty along with strength for a more natural look. 


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​Nail Spa

Classic Pedicure

A pedicure is a perfect way to revive and condition your feet. Hot soak, nail clipping, 

intense massage and polish of your choice are 



SPA Pedicure

A spa pedicure includes the "Classic Pedicure" 

 along with a dip in warm Paraffin. This treatment is most beneficial to dry areas of the body like feet and hands. 

Foot Treatments